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Mozilla putting ads in my firefox

12 February 2014 - 01:09 PM

Mozilla will be putting advertisements in the browser. It appears they will be on a the new tab page right next to your frequently visited sites.


Time to ditch Firefox I guess.

Mac Mini Alternatives?

06 February 2014 - 04:18 PM

So a coworker told me about how he bought a mac mini and installed vmare esxi on it, and is running a couple VM's with no issues. The mac mini is really small, and takes very little space compared to a normal box.  I would love to do something similar with a regular PC and Linux.  Does anyone know of a good mac mini alternative?

I've been hitting google up and have found some alternatives, but they are leaving me something to be desired.

CentOS now paid for by Red Hat

08 January 2014 - 01:11 PM

So Red Hat is now sponsoring and paying for development on CentOS.  From what I gather from the various press releases, CentOS will be part of some testing now, and won't be completely RHEL without the subscription. If that's the case, I'm kind of bothered by this since I use CentOS a lot, and don't want it to end up an unstable testing distro like Fedora. They changed the CentOS website to reflect this as well.

Sauce - http://lists.centos....ary/020100.html

Holy Shit Roy is a Doctor

02 January 2014 - 03:25 PM

What the actual fuck is this shit?

Posted Image

I'm not buying it.  DR fucktard? Yes

Also, I know this is old, and Fewt has commented on it a while ago, but new to me.


Crappy Python Script

18 September 2013 - 02:14 PM

Ok, I have this handy dandy python script i'm writing. it basically will open a file, read the contents, and then use those contents to open a web address. I prompt the user for which environment he wants to check, use that choice to open a corresponding file, and add the contents to a list. now, how do I get that list value back to the rest of the program?

I'm literally just learning, and have cobbled some stuff together from google.

Edited to make it easier to read

import urllib

serv_ip = []
dit = "dit"
prod = "prod"
stage = "stage"
sit = "sit"
test = "test"

def open_enviro(choice):
"""Takes an arguement for which enviornment file to open, opens the file and adds it to a list
called serv_ip"""
in_file = open(choice, 'r')
serv_ip = in_file.readlines()
serv_ip = [item.rstrip("\n") for item in serv_ip]

print("What environment do you want to check?"+ "\n")
print("1. dit.rb.local")
print("2. rbiprod.local")
print("3. rbistg.local")
print("4. sit.rb.local")
print("5. test.rb.local" + "\n")

enviro = raw_input("Choice: ")

if enviro == "1":
elif enviro == "2":
elif enviro == "3":
elif enviro == "4":
elif enviro == "5":
print "Please choose a correct environment."

for entry in serv_ip:
f = urllib.urlopen("http://" + entry + "/rbproxy/ecvgroup")
s = f.read()
print "Server " + entry + " is in " + s